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2006         BFA (Great Distinction), Fibres Major, Concordia University

2003         Creative Arts Certificate, Algonquin College
1996         BSc (Honours), University of Waterloo

2008         Moulding and Casting, 8 week Workshop with Mitchell Webster
2007         Oxy-Acetylene Welding, Algonquin College
2007         Picture Framing, Algonquin College
2004         Papermaking, Ottawa School of Art
2003         "Those Versatile Fibre Reactive Dyes", 5 Day Workshop with Elin Noble


2010         "In-Transition" Project
                  Sculptures are being designed based on old buildings in Ottawa that have a connection to the
                  people and history of the area. They are about the people that were there but not individually
                  named in the history books. Sculptures will be installed in-situ at windows and on balconies for
                  the public to encounter, bringing businesses, building owners and the public together through
                  art and community history.

2009         "Reforestation" Project
                  Small trees sculptures are being created from cast off, scrap and found materials. For every
                  sculptural tree sold, funds are donated to plant one real tree.


2008         "Enigma", Preston Catalogue, No. 9, pg. 102-5 & back cover, July
2008         "Art Show Puts Charity in the Spotlight", EMC Ottawa-East, Nick Bergamini, 9 May
2007         "Weaving a Silk Road for Women of Afghanistan", Centretown News, Lydia Semrau, Oct.
2007         School of Animation, Arts & Design, Sheridan Insititute of Technology, Enews, Issue 29, Feb.
2007         "Textile/Art:...Something Completely Different", Fibre Quarterly, Vol. 3, Issue 1, Winter
2006         Fiber Arts Class Forum Promotion, Embroidery Canada, Vol. 34, No. 1, Pg. 14, Fall
2006         A Collection of Exhibitors' Work, Artsfest 2006, Government of Canada
2005         Fiberarts, "The Future of Fiber Art", Vol. 31, No. 5, Pg. 35, Apr/May
2004         A Collection of Exhibitors' Work, Artsfest 2004, Government of Canada


2009         Visual Artists Emerging Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2009         Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2008         Exhibition Assistance Grant, Ontario Arts Council
2008         Untapped! Emerging Artist Competition, The Artist Project, Toronto, Ontario
2007         Best Three-Dimensional Work, "Threadworks", traveling show, Ontario
2007         Best of Show, "Common Thread", World of Threads Festival, Toronto, Ontario
2005         Exhibition Award, "Innovations", Surface Design Association, Kansas City, USA
1993-6     W. Ross Pinkerton Memorial Scholarship, CDHS, Ontario


2010         "In-Transition", Trinity Gallery Salon A, Shenkman Arts Centre, Orleans, Ontario
2008         "Rendez-Vous", The Atrium Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario


2009         The Artist Project, Liberty Grand, Toronto, Ontario
2007-9     Threadwords Traveling Exhibition 2007, 15 venues across Ontario
2008         Rhythms, National Capital Network of Sculptors, 5th Avenue Courtyard, Ottawa, Ontario
2008         The Artist Project, Liberty Grand, Toronto, Ontario
2007         Great Big Smalls, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
2007         Encounters, National Capital Network of Sculptors, 1115 Bank St., Ottawa, Ontario
2007         Bookworks, Enriched Bread Artists Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
2007         Community Threads, Mississippi Valley Textile Museum, Almonte, Ontario
2007         Common Thread, The Gallery Sheridan College, Toronto, Ontario
2006         A Fine Balance, National Capital Network of Sculptors, Sussex Gallery, Ottawa, Ontario
2006         Textile Art:...Something Completely Different, It's Not a Deli Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2006         Le Salon, Galerie Espace Perspective, Montreal, Quebec
2005         Unravellings, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Quebec
2005         Innovations, Leedy-Voulkos Art Centre, Kansas City, USA
2005         Catch, Art Mur, Montreal, Quebec


2009         The Ottawa Sculpture Show, Saint Brigid's Centre for the Arts, Ottawa, Ontario
2008-9     Winter Group Exhibition, Omega Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008         New Artists & New Works, Omega Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2008         Ambiguity, The White Shop, Ottawa, Ontario
2008         7x11, 1115 Bank Street, Ottawa, Ontario
2006         Artsfest 2006, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
2006         Soft, Dowd Street Studio, Montreal, Quebec
2005         A One-Night Stand #6, Montreal, Quebec
2004         Artsfest 2004, Government of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario


since 2007         CARFAC
since 2006         National Capital Network of Sculptors


The Fibre Workshop, Art Director, Ottawa ON, 2006-present
Hexagram, Concordia University, Research Assistant, Montreal QC, 2005
Franz Environmental Inc., Office Administation Manager, Ottawa ON, 2002-2005
Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists, Publications Manager, Ottawa ON, 2001-2002
Inacn Design, Design Director, Sydney Australia, 1997-2000
Response Point, Production Manager, Sydney Australia, 1997-2000

© Christine Mockett