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A project based on metal working in the Ottawa area.

"The Machine Project"
On-location: Saturday May 18th, 2013 from 1:30-5pm

The Tang Coin Laundry
609 Somerset Street West, Ottawa
as part of the Chinatown Remixed Festival 2013

Artists will be taking over alternative spaces and the streets!


The video shows Ottawa area workers in industrial settings operating metal working machinery. The workers go to work daily and produce in unseen environments. Clips from three locations are combined into ten minutes of footage, with one minute for each hour of the workday.

The video will be projected through a 9'x9' contemporary lace filter onto a wall. The lace structure will be words from a health and safety plan stitched in dark black fibre over a transparent fabric. In lace and in safety, the spaces are as important as the lines. The filter will reproduce the role of fibre standing between danger and safety and block portions of the projection.

Visitors can try on a variety of safety goggles from the installation, with a safety word cut out of the lens of each pair. Twenty languages are used referencing Canadian immigrants working in these settings.

Rehabilitated used industrial clothing life-size figures will be shaped as though the occupants are still present. The garments will be repaired with hand worked lace made from metal offcuts wired together. Sound installations will be played from inside the clothing.

This project is presented with the generous support of the City of Ottawa and the Ontario Arts Council.




A project based on buildings in the Ottawa area.

Come and see sculptures designed based on buildings from the Ottawa area.
People and places influence and become part of each other.
These sculptures merge people, place and purpose into one.


Thomas Willson Phosphate Mill ruins

Saint Brigids Centre for the Arts and Humanities
The Rideau Valley Conservation Centre
The Old City of Ottawa Registry Office
The Parliament Buildings - fence
Watson's Mill
Ottawa under construction
Mer Bleue Conservation Area



View sculptures from the "In-Transition" project on-site at participating locations:
(see each venue for open days and hours)

Saint Brigids Centre for the Arts and Humanities
Showing: "Visitor"
late January / early February 2011



This project is presented
with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council

The Ontario Arts Council is a division of the Government of Ontario.